Team Tylenol Track Crew poses in front of their hauler before heading out in custom turbo carts to canvas the midway armed with with driver coupons and lanyards. The crew arrived at each NASCAR venue on Thursday and worked through race weekend.
60,000 Driver cards with a scratch-off game and coupon were distributed at-track each weekend.
The cards became keepsakes and were often put up for auction on Ebay.
An experiential tent allowed fans to engage in their passion and redeem their prizes.
Thousands of copies of Inside Tracks, an original compilation of driver interviews,
were given away as prizes every weekend.
Traditional at-track signage is expensive and availability is limited. Our solution was to strategically place custom vending machines throughout each venue to serve as billboards. Not only did this get the message across, but ended up providing much-needed rapid relief to thousands of hard-charging fans. As a result, a new direct stream of revenue for Tylenol was discovered.

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